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Effortlessly gather customer FAQs for a specific product on Amazon. Gain valuable insights into customer needs, concerns, preferences, and common inquiries. Enhance customer support and provide relevant information to potential buyers.

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Amazon Questions API
Made Easy
Customize requests using keyword search, URL-encoded requests, or domain-specific queries.

Fully Formed

Provide a complete target URL or a few input parameters, and ScrapeIN will handle the URL formation internally. This simplifies the process and allows for efficient extraction of data.


Customize form parameters themselves. Add or omit parameters as needed, expanding the possibilities beyond just setting up basic queries.

One-Button Control

Simply specify the desired parameters and click "Start." It's that easy!
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Know The Mindset of Your Customers
By exploring customers' questions, you gain deep insights into what truly matters to them. Understanding customers' queries helps you address their requirements effectively, tailor your products to their desires, and provide meaningful solutions to your customers' concerns.
Questions directly related to a specific product, such as inquiries about its features, specifications, compatibility, or usage.
Customer Experience
Questions focus on other customers' experiences with the product, such as asking about the quality, durability, or performance based on their firsthand usage.
Questions comparing one product to another, seeking insights into the differences, advantages, or suitability for specific needs.
Shipping and Delivery
Questions revolving around the shipping process, estimated delivery times, packaging, or tracking information for the product.
Technical Support
Technical questions seeking guidance or troubleshooting assistance for a product customers already own.
Return and Refund
Questions pertain to return policies, warranty information, refund processes, or any concerns related to returning or exchanging a product.
Product Availability
Customers may inquire about the availability of a product, stock levels, or whether it will be restocked in the future.
Questions focus on product compatibility with other devices, systems, or accessories.
Product Authenticity
Customers may ask about the authenticity or genuineness of a product, particularly for branded or high-value items.
General Product Inquiries
Questions cover a broad range of general inquiries about the product, such as its dimensions, weight, materials used, or certifications it holds.
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Informed Decisions.
Precise Details
Scrape various data points to gather comprehensive information on customer questions, product details, and customer interactions. This data can be valuable for market research, understanding customer needs, and improving product descriptions.
Question Text
The actual text of the customer question itself.
Product ASIN
The unique Amazon Standard Identification Number assigned to each product.
Customer Name
The name or username of the customer who asked the question.
Date and Time
The timestamp indicating when the question was posted.
Question Votes
The number of upvotes or helpful votes received by the question from other customers.
Product Information
Details about the specific product the question is related to, such as its name, brand, and category.
Seller Information
Information about the seller who is offering the product.
Answer Count and Text
The number of answers or responses provided to the question, and the text of the answers given by other customers or sellers.
Answer Votes
The number of upvotes or helpful votes received by each answer.
Answerer Information
Details about the customer or seller who provided the answer.
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Advanced Data Extraction 
Enjoy maintenance-free web scraping infrastructure and get high-quality open data. Detect the most important Amazon data points, such as the title, price, and product description in seconds.
Complete Page Content
Never miss any relevant data. Extract all the information available on a specific webpage.
All Programming Languages
Our APIs can be used with any programming language, as data can be easily retrieved with any HTTP client.
All Possible Markup Points
Create custom data solutions to retrieve only the specific data required.
Smart Pagination
You can automatically retrieve data from multiple pages and concentrate the results into one response.
GTIN Lookup
You can effortlessly retrieve Amazon product data by using GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN and leverage Amazon scraping endpoints by using these numbers.
Amazon Domains Worldwide
You can request data from any of the 22 Amazon Domains no matter what your location. 
Specified Locations
Access location-specific data when you want to see how a product appears on a specific Amazon page from a different country. 
Different Currencies
Use specific currency and Amazon domain combinations to see the cross-border shipping opportunities.
Different Languages
You have the convenience of specifying the desired language for retrieving results.
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Built For Beginners.
Easy to Use
Designed with simplicity in mind, ScrapeIN APIs are beginner-friendly and easy to use. Even users with limited technical expertise can leverage the APIs to extract data efficiently.
Quick Adaptation to Changes
ScrapeIN promptly reacts to algorithm updates or any other changes on the target websites. This ensures that the APIs continue to work effectively, providing you with uninterrupted access to the data you need.
Regular QA Monitoring
The QA department at ScrapeIN regularly monitors the performance of scrapers and parsers. This ensures that the scraping process remains accurate and reliable, maintaining the quality of the extracted data.
No Manual Data Entry
With ScrapeIN APIs, there's no need for manual data entry. You can set the desired parameters and let the APIs handle the data extraction process automatically. This saves time and eliminates the need for tedious manual input.
Flexible Data Management
With ScrapeIN, data management is in your hands. Define the exact data and amount of data you need, while effortlessly filtering out irrelevant information.
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Enjoy Our Visual Editor And Run The Code Directly From It
You can customize extra parameters to the request endpoint, thus modifying the language, domain, type of currency, and response encoding of the data returned by Amazon.
Amazone. Product Amazone. Product
Control Your Subscription
Manage your subscription, set up the API, and track your usage statistics all in one place.
Interactive Widget
Test requests and effortlessly generate dynamic code samples for seamless integration.
Track Your Request Expenditure
The Statistics tab displays your request usage over time. Choose from preset time periods, or set custom dates to monitor your API usage effectively.
Convenient Graphs
Easily toggle between HTML and JSON versions of an element by clicking on it. This allows for seamless viewing and manipulation of data in both formats.
Request Builder
With our extensive Request Builder, you can convert your requests into production-ready code snippets.
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Explore Our API Documentation
Detailed documentation provides clear explanations of the API's functionality, endpoints, parameters, and response formats.


Our API documentation is crafted to ensure user-friendly comprehension for both tech-savvy and non-technical users. With clear instructions and detailed explanations, you'll effortlessly grasp every aspect of API setup and usage.

Testing Feature

To facilitate an enhanced learning experience, we have implemented a testing feature within the documentation itself. This allows users to conveniently try running sample queries and explore the API's functionality firsthand.

Preset Parameters

Our API documentation goes the extra mile to make your learning experience seamless. We provide preset parameters and example queries that you can easily try out. This hands-on approach allows you to experiment with different scenarios, empowering you to grasp the API's capabilities effectively.
Comprehensive, Structured, Reliable
Every request you make through our API will be completed successfully.
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Everything Is
Taken Care Of
We have wrapped in advanced proxy management features.
You do not need to develop or maintain your own scraper. Forget about proxy rotation, captcha, IP blockage, or markup changes.
Service Uptime 99.9%
Ensure uninterrupted access to the API, allowing you to consistently retrieve data without downtime interruptions.
Response Time
With an average response time of 2.34 seconds for SERP and 3.24 seconds for Amazon, ScrapeIN ensures efficient extraction for your scraping needs.
100% Success Rate

ScrapeIN ensures that your API requests are executed successfully, minimizing errors and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the extracted data.

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We do not hold back: our APs use unlimited bandwidth so that you will be charged only for successful requests.
Volumes With Benefits
As your business scales and demands increase, our pricing model ensures cost efficiencies and reduced rates, offering you significant savings as you grow.
Load Balancing
Our APIs enable businesses to withstand peak loads, even at scales two to three times higher than normal traffic levels. We ensure your systems remain stable and responsive, delivering consistent performance even during intense demand.
Increased Capacity
By opting for higher-level plans, you gain access to more allocated requests, allowing you to handle larger volumes of traffic and user activity. As you upgrade your plan, you unlock greater resources, enabling your systems to handle increased demand without compromising performance.
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What data can I extract from the Amazon Questions page using ScrapeIN API?
With ScrapeIN API, you can extract various data points from the Amazon Questions page, including the actual questions asked by customers, the number of answers received, the date and time of the question, and information about the product associated with each question.
Can I filter the extracted data based on specific criteria?

Yes, ScrapeIN API provides flexible filtering options. You can define filters to extract data based on criteria such as the most helpful or the most recent content, as well as the number of pages to show. Filtering allows you to narrow down the results to match your requirements.

Can I retrieve data from multiple Amazon Questions pages simultaneously using ScrapeIN API?

Certainly! ScrapeIN API supports concurrent requests, enabling you to scrape data from multiple Amazon Questions pages simultaneously. This allows you to efficiently gather information from various pages and process them in parallel.

How are Requests counted?

The counting of Requests is based on API requests. Each execution of the API is considered a single request. For more details, please see the Pagination page. For asynchronous mode, only the act of sending a request is counted, while the collection of the response is not included in the count.

What happens if I run out of Requests before the end of my current subscription?
If you run out of Requests before the end of your subscription period, you can purchase additional Requests to continue using ScrapeIN services. Alternatively, you can upgrade your plan to a higher Request limit.
Is there a free trial available for ScrapeIN API?

Yes, ScrapeIN offers a 7-day free trial for new users. The trial includes 5000 free requests to use and test out the features of our API. To get started with the free trial, simply sign up on our website and follow the instructions provided.

Can I integrate ScrapeIN with other services?
Yes, our API supports integration with various programming languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc. This makes it possible to integrate it with other services and tools that you may be using for data analysis or other purposes. Additionally, ScrapeIN provides detailed documentation and examples to help you get started with integrating the API into your workflow.
Any other questions? Please contact us