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Gain easy access to massive amounts of real-time public data from any location and device with Scrapein's Google Search API. Retrieve and extract structured JSON or raw HTML data programmatically and integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows for maximum efficiency.

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ScrapeIN Google Search ScrapeIN Google Search
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Streamline your data-gathering process with a 100% extraction success rate. Tailor your Google search results with 37 available parameters.
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Device Compatibility
Get data as if from any Desktop device, iPhone or Android mobile, any iPad or Android tablet
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Data Formats

We will provide data in any format you require: JSON, HTML or CSV

All Possible Markup Points
Create custom data solutions tailored to your specific needs to retrieve only the specific data required.
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Enterprise-Grade Scaling
Retrieve up to 1 billion (1000M) requests per month. Scale seamlessly to meet your business needs with top-level quality and reliability.
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Automatically adjust parameters to match the 195 countries, 107 languages, and 196 Google domains of the location.

Automatically retrieve data from multiple pages and concatenate the results into one response.

Tailored Params and Filters

Customize your search to fit your specific needs, enable or disable autocorrection, use safe search, filter by time period and any sorting.

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All Languages Supported
Retrieve data using any HTTP client and coding language.
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Reliable Data Delivery
We handle captchas, retries, and rotate proxies to ensure uninterrupted data delivery.
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API Documentation
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Acquire valuable business insights with one API request to access abundant information
Trending keywords and SEO research

Track a company's search engine rankings for different keywords and locations. Gather up-to-the-minute organic SERP data and track a variety of other crucial SEO metrics.

Brand's reputation protection

Stay informed of the top-performing search results for your company's brands and trademarked products.

Competitor analysis and price comparison
Search for products and compare pricing from different sellers.
Market research
Retrieve valuable data on companies, contacts, locations, and other relevant information.
Gather data from Google search results to identify potential leads for your business
Ads Data Tracking
Check which ads are being served for specific keywords in different countries.
Guaranteed 100% Success Rate
Our service guarantees 100% success rate and can scale as much as you need.
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Enjoy our Visual Editor and run the code directly from it
Streamline your data gathering with fast, automated Google Search integration. Specify all the important details of your query to get the most relevant results.

New feature releases on a regular basis.
ScrapeIN-UI ScrapeIN-UI
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24/7 Support
Dedicated team available to assist with any issues or questions that may arise at any time.
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User-Friendly Dashboard
Real-time performance tracking and easy-to-understand request editor.
Transparent Accounting
Invoices are provided.
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Safe Payments
Your information is handled by trusted scrapein's partners e.g. Stripe.
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Various Currencies and Payment Methods Supported
Payments in any currency and any type.
What do others say about ScrapeIN?
Using ScrapeIN has been a total game-changer for our biz! The way it accurately and quickly extracts data has seriously upped our data analytics game. Customized query params helped us to get exactly what we need. If you're looking for a web scraping service that's dependable and efficient, we definitely recommend it. Thanks a million, guys!
Christina M.
Data Analyst at a Growing E-commerce Company
In addition to my thanks, I would like to specifically highlight the scalability feature, which has allowed us to seamlessly increase our web scraping needs without any disruption to our operations
Trevor C.
Data Analyst in a Hotel Management Company
Salute to the ScrapeIN team for your exceptional customer service, responsiveness, and attention to detail. You provide a top-notch web scraping tool. And you are the best. It is evident in every interaction we've had with your team. Super helpful. Great and cost-effective solution
Leo B.
Marketing Team
SERP Scraper API Pricing
3 day money-back option
100% success rate
Any location and device type
Pay only for successful results
$ 59 /month
15 000 Requests 4 $ CPM
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$ 249 /month
Basic +
125 000 Requests 2 $ CPM
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Custom Requests Custom CPM
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All payments are securely handled by our payments partner Paddle.
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Got questions?
What is Scrapein SERP API?

ScrapeIN SERP API is a tool that allows you to programmatically scrape data from Google search results, using a variety of different parameters to customize your search, including location, device, and others.

How does ScrapeIN SERP API work?

To use ScrapeIN SERP API, you need to sign up for an account on our service and get an API key. Once you have your API key, you can use it to make API requests and receive responses in JSON format. SERP API documentation provides detailed information on how to use the API and the available endpoints.

What type of Google search data can I scrape?

You can scrape various types of Google search data, including organic and paid SERP results, images, videos, product listings, and ad placements such as product information, reviews, and pricing. 

Why use ScrapeIN SERP API to scrape Google?

There are several reasons to use Scrapein SERP API to scrape Google:

  • High-quality data: We provide accurate and reliable data that is scraped directly from Google search results.
  • Cost-effective: Scrapein SERP API offers a cost-effective solution compared to building your own web scraping infrastructure or using multiple toolsю
  • Comprehensive solution: We offer a full-stack solution that includes a network of millions of residential and mobile proxies, autorotation, and CATCHA bypassing. This comprehensive approach makes it easier to gather all the data you need.
  • Ease of use: Scrapein SERP API is easy to integrate with other services and offers both real-time and proxy-like integration options with your existing tools and workflows, making it accessible to both programmers and non-programmers.
  • Legal compliance: Scrapein SERP API ensures legal compliance by assuming scraping liabilities for both domestic and foreign companies unless the usage is otherwise illegal.
What are the benefits of using ScrapeIN SERP API?

Scrapein SERP API is a reliable and efficient solution for those looking to scrape Google search results pages for data. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Cost-effective: We provide a cost-effective solution for web scraping as it eliminates the need for additional tools like proxies and you pay only for successful requests.
  • User-friendly: Scrapein  SERP API is easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. 
  • Faster results: Scrapein  SERP API is designed to deliver fast results, allowing users to gather large volumes of data quickly.
  • Compliance: Scrapein  SERP API is fully compliant with Google's Terms of Service and ensures that users stay within the bounds of legal scraping. Scrapein uses only ethical methods of proxy acquisition and has a strict ethical policy and KYC procedures. You can learn more about our ethical guidelines here.
Can I try ScrapeIN SERP API before I commit to a plan?

Yes, ScrapeIN offers a 7-day free trial for new users. The trial includes 5000 free requests for you to use and test out the features of our SERP API. To get started with the free trial, simply sign up on our website and follow the instructions provided.

Is it legal to scrape data from Google search results?

Yes, it is legal to scrape data from Google search results using Scrapein SERP API. 

Can I integrate ScrapeIN with other services?

Yes, ScrapeIN  can be integrated with other services. The API supports integration with various programming languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc. This makes it possible to integrate ScrapeIN with other services and tools that you may be using for data analysis or other purposes. Additionally, ScrapeIN provides detailed documentation and examples to help you get started with integrating the API into your workflow.

Is it safe to pay for ScrapeIN SERP API using a credit card?

Yes, it is completely safe to pay for our ScrapeIN SERP API using a credit card. We use an SSL Secure Payment method, ensuring that all of your payment details are protected and kept confidential.

Any other questions? Please contact us